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The truth shall set you free

Growing up we are told what our beliefs are, what religion is going to be and the acceptable range in which we can roam before being snapped back into place because "they" said that's not what "we" do. We are raised in an environment in which fear runs rampant. As you grow older, you remain constantly frightened. Afraid of losing your job, afraid of what your neighbor's going to think of you if you don't buy a new car soon, afraid the repercussions of not following tradition, afraid of what he is going to say, afraid of what she is going to say, afraid of death. The masses are no longer living, but just going through the motions — careful to conform in order to please others — slowly dying. The existence from beginning to end considerately made as easy as possible; you are told to have faith, to follow some tradition for some unknown reason, attenuate any deviation since society does not approve.

At some point wasn't life meant to live? To do what you do. To do what you love doing? In an environment void of all fear. In an environment where the pursuit of education is not merely to earn a living. Where education is the constant state of questioning. Taking nothing at face value; accepting no opinions; flatly rejecting societies beliefs and traditions which have been imposed upon you. But not only doing what you love, but understanding the process of life. Being conscious of your decisions. Your decisions. Revolting against everything. Revolting against the grate which you are being pushed through in order to fit the template of conformity. Revolting against organized religion. Revolting against tradition. Revolting against the system which drowns you into submission. So to find out for yourself what is true. Accepting the subliminal instructions of society & tradition will lead you to the path whose sole purpose is get to the destination through imitation. Imitating your way to death. Is it not our basic nature to be curious? Isn't this what education is? Discovery? Uncovering for yourself what is being mindless repeated by the masses?

But we are not encouraged to revolt. This would threaten all which is false. Your parents and society do not want this structure which they so diligently hold up disturbed. Living through imitation is the path of least resistance. This imitated life only coexists with fear. The presence of fear only facilitates conformity. Going about life as others dictate. Getting educated as defined by what they say. The current state of education is to simply further your placement into the peg which you are being shaped for. To fit your existence into the capitalist society. The never ending ambition to acquire. The upbringing all culminating to add another drone into the rotten acquisitive society which currently envelopes us.

Fear is the tool which society, your parents, and tradition use to keep the individual under control. What has this control given us? Are all humans living at remotely acceptable standards of life? Is everyone doing what they love doing? The status quo has miserably failed humanity. Tradition, organized religion, and government have taken the duty to ensure the masses are numbed into conformity through fear — the relentless reprimand of the naturally curious mind consequently begins to stunt confidence. This lack of confidence serves to put another peg in its slot — as this fear snowballs within the individual, society can begin reducing the effort which it exerts in keeping one in place. Eventually, completely letting up since the fear and lack of confidence which has been grafted into the individual begins to carry enough momentum to maintain the path which everyone takes. True education promotes confidence. This confidence is only realized when you have learned how to think things out for yourself. Only out of your own thinking will this confidence come — where you are then truly a creative human — living life. Stand for your convictions. Do not falter when following your heart. In the face of the pressure put upon you, this will inevitably lead to every conceivably loss. Stand firm when questioning and uncovering the truth. Only then will this lead to a complete detachment of the decay of the masses.

Do not accept anything. Never accept without questioning everything. If you have succumbed to merely accepting what society is drilling into your mind, you have simply become mechanical. A drone merely waiting to die. But when you are inquisitive; questioning — then you are living a life with vitality. Recognize this difference. Be conscious of the techniques which are being employed to control your mind. Only then can you be truly aware of the system which revolt must occur. The well trained mind simply revolts within the bounds which have been preset. Do not simply fight for better food within the prison. Step above and become cognizant of the entire system. It is in this state that you will be truly alive. In seeking the truth and following what you love will you find a deeper meaning. This path will be a road of absolute effortlessness.

Taking the path of least resistance and an existence of imitation is for the weak mind. It is important while you are young not to be conditioned. Do not allow your confidence and free will to become muted. Do not be held in by fear of your parents, society, or tradition. Seek out for yourself the truth under the layers of protection which society has put up. Break away from the rut which society drives you toward. Realize The Truth.

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